"I'm sorry, but that's the best we can do."

That seems to be the answer that the Buffalo Sabres have been hearing all offseason long, as the team continues to try, and fail, to move their star center, Jack Eichel. The two sides have been at odds for a long time, and things have reached a boiling point recently due to a disagreement over which medical procedure Eichel should have to repair an injured disc in his neck.

Between the injury, the terrible team that the Sabres have surrounded Eichel with, and the revolving door of head coaches, it's become apparent that the two sides need to move on from one another. The question now, is which team is going to acquire him, and for what cost.

Of all people, Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison has weighed in with his own offer.

No, really, we're serious.

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A video began to circulate on Twitter this morning, featuring Harrison:

Are you kidding me, Rick? That's it?? I thought you were supposed to be a professional!

So, let's break this down. Rick is saying that he can offer a prospect. This is a fairly simple request, and a number of teams have some incredible prospects that they could offer. The Anaheim Ducks could send American hockey hero Trevor Zegras to Buffalo, while the New York Rangers could part with former top draft picks, Kaapo Kaako or Alexis Lafreniere.

That said, you would definitely need more than one prospect in order to make this deal happen. So, wisely, Rick Harrison has thrown in a billboard, so the Sabres can proudly advertise how they traded their franchise cornerstone for next to nothing.

As a matter of fact, Jack Eichel is a big fan of using billboards to spread his message to the general public:

In reality, this is a really cool bit of fandom shown by Harrison toward Sabres' fans, a battered group of hockey fanatics who are looking for anything positive to root for. Hopefully, another team can swoop in and outbid Harrison, or Eichel may end up looking like this in a few years:

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