This past weekend, the battle raged on at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

Yes, of course, there was a battle on the field. The New York Yankees and Houston Astros competed against one another, pitting two of the most talented rosters in the American League against each other in a four-game series with major playoff implications.

While that battle continued on the diamond, the competition everyone is talking about was taking place near the Astros' dugout, between Houston's ace, and an ambitious New York fan.

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Houston Ace Verlander Schools Yankees' Fan in Rock, Paper, Scissors

This past weekend, on what was either Thursday or Saturday evening, Houston Astros' ace pitcher Justin Verlander began to interact with a New York Yankees' fan, who was sitting in the row directly behind the dugout. Naturally, the two entered into a contentious competition for the title of Rock, Paper, Scissors champion.

Luckily, someone was able to catch the whole thing on video, and The Game Day MLB posted it for all to see:

Let's break this down. Verlander makes a point of setting the rules of the game, confirming that the two would be competing in a best-of-three series against one another. From then on, it's a total blood bath, as Verlander took Game One in convincing fashion, and was able to outlast the fan for a series sweep.

Now, to the more important question: what were they playing for? Normally, when you see a pro athlete competing against a fan, there's a piece of equipment or memorabilia on the line. It didn't appear as though the fan was trying to win anything; they may have been playing simply for the love of the game.

Houston Astros v New York Yankees
Justin Verlander pitching at Yankee Stadium on Friday / Getty Images

Either way, it's always hilarious to see athletes act as regular people, especially during the middle of one of their games. Verlander deserves credit for this, and this kind of interaction is something that I hope to see more frequently in baseball, and pro sports in general.

Meanwhile, that Yankees' fan has a lot of work ahead of her before she challenges her next baseball player to a duel.

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