The 2021 meet at Saratoga Race Course is going so well, that horses from around the country are risking it all to be part of the fun.

Don't believe me? Watch what happened in Kentucky this weekend:

Here's another view:

The horse, Bold and Bossy, had escaped from Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky, and was spotted in a full spring on Route 41 in Kentucky. Those familiar with the situation estimated the total journey went for roughly 30 minutes before the horse was rescued.

Bold and Bossy was brought back to an Ellis Park holding barn for observation after sustaining minor injuries and major dehydration during its journey. What happened next is downright terrifying.

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Here's what the horse's owner, Michael Ann Ewing, told the Washington Post in their article on the story:

“Kelsey was unprepared to stay overnight, but she said she thought it would be better to keep Bossy there to settle her overnight before giving her more meds and taking her back,” Ewing said. “She sat with her until later in the evening and they checked on her again and again before she finally went to her hotel room. Then she calls me at 5 a.m. to say the receiving barn had burned down.”

The barn that the horse was staying in BURNED TO THE GROUND not even 24 hours after Bold and Bossy arrived. The scene was absolutely terrifying.

According to the story, however, the horse survived, as did all of the occupants of the barn, due to a hero whose identity remains unknown. From everything we know, the horse is safe, resting, and recuperating after one of the most harrowing 24 hours a race horse has probably ever been through.

While the horse could not be reached for comment, we have to assume that Bold and Bossy was beginning their travel up to Saratoga for Travers Weekend. It's going to be a memorable weekend of racing at the Spa, leading up to the Runhappy Travers Stakes, featuring 2021 Triple Crown hopeful, Essential Quality.

For the time being, Bold and Bossy will have to tune into 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio on Saturday to hear it live.

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