So, you want to play college football, do you?

First of all, let's get one thing straight. If any of us had the physical ability to play college football, we would in an instant. You would, however, have to commit every waking moment of every day to your craft during the summer, and that's not for everyone. Having every single moment of your days scheduled out is daunting enough, but when you see the specifics, it's downright shocking.

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Personally, I'm winded just reading this. Let's do some math on this, shall we? The words "meet" or "meeting" are used a combined NINE TIMES on this schedule. At a certain point, my mind would not be able to hand the sheer amount of information that will be presented. I would be toast by the time I hit the 8PM team meeting.

The amount of time spent on the field is far from the worst part of this schedule. Now, if you're at a school in the Southern part of the country, the last hour of the practice may get pretty taxing due to the heat, but you'll miss the majority of the day's heat. The lifting and working out in the afternoon, however, could really do you in.

The "lights out" policy would  be very restrictive, but might also end up coming in handy. If you're out of bed every day at 6:30AM, meeting with teammates and coaches up to nine times, and practicing and working out for multiple hours at a time, you'll be asleep before your head hits the pillow by 10:30PM. Having the rest of the team turn their lights out at that time could help a player get the rest they'll desperately need to survive the rest of the summer.

So, I re-ask my question from the beginning. Do you *still* want to be a college football player? Who am I kidding, OF COURSE YOU DO!

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