Hip-hop is using the art of words to present your thoughts, with or without a beat. There are only so many words and turns of phrase out there; factor in the way that rap and pop culture mesh and there may be even less. Some of your favorite rappers take things you wouldn't even think twice about, and incorporates those words or phrases into songs. Here, we highlight the many times rappers have used the phrase "crazier than" in their rhymes, which opens up plenty of possibilities, especially in the wild word we live in.

Think of all the tracks you've been listening to since you became a rap fan. You'll realize using the words "crazier than" is nothing new in hip-hop. Even back in A Tribe Called Quest's heyday, the late wordsmith Phife Dawg took it for a spin, rapping the lyrics, "Slamming sucker fuckers like the wrestler Zeus/Crazier than Tupac in the flick called Juice" on the group's track "Clap Your Hands." The clever nod to one of Tupac Shakur's standout film roles and the showcase of Phife's ability to bend flows illustrates why "crazier than" is so popular in rap. It's also due to the fact that it's just a regular part of American lexicon, something we all say quite frequently.

To present a more modern example, Future also uses "crazier than" in a verse. On "Break The Rules," he spits, "I'm crazier than a mental patient, fillin' up that stash now/Can't think about my past now, all I'm thinkin' is cash now." Future is all about getting to his racks, and uses a common phrase to explain that.

Eminem, Big Sean, Tyga and more also get in on the lyrical synergy. Check out 22 Things Rappers Are Crazier Than below.

See 22 Things Rappers Are Crazier Than

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