If you're a fan of The Underachievers, you've been waiting patiently for their debut album, 'The Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium,' to arrive since the Brooklyn, N.Y., duo dropped two solid mixtapes last year: 'Indigoism' and 'The Lords of Flatbush.' While new music from Issa Dash and AK has been scarce, they satisfy fans with a fresh track and an accompanying visual for 'Chrysalis.' The result is a trippy video that finds the set looking like hip-hop demons spitting rapid-fire rhymes over the haunting Death Tarot-produced beat.

Directed by This Is Butta, the effort is a mix of colorful filters and twisted cinematography. Just think of it as a hallucinogenic journey through their reality and growth as MCs. Like videos for 'The Proclamation' and 'Midnight Augusto,' the team take center stage here. Try not to close your eyes while listening to the depth of the Brainfeeder-signed pair's lyrics because the visuals are all a part of the experience.

While Issa Dash celebrates his royal status ("Kick back n----, relax and pack dabs / I'm a young lord here, that's word to A$AP... Elevatin' n---s by paintin' lyric pictures / The ring you gon' kiss it") AK rhymes of his self-awareness ("Better know your worth / Stay puffin' that bomb herb / Keep my vision clear view while lurkin' upon earth / Gold souls can't lose, them critics they want work / I'm enlightened like Zeus / Puttin' titans up in the dirt").

Watch The Underachievers transform above.