Albany, New York is a unique sports market; it's truly in the middle of it all.

As a native of the Capital Region, sports fans in the area are within a car ride from teams in New York City (and East Rutherford, New Jersey), Buffalo, Boston and beyond. As such, local fans have sports allegiances that vary drastically. Some are New York City purists, others bleed into Massachusetts, and still more find their favorite teams outside the confines of the Northeast.

So, it's time to put this debate to bed. Which teams do Albany sports fans love the most?

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Albany's Favorite Sports Teams, as Ranked by Google Search Results

A study was recently published on Empire Stakes, ranking Albany, New York's favorite sports franchises. To establish these rankings, the site measured Google search results from the area for the last 12 months, and added up the amount of searches dedicated to each team.

Attach the total number of searches to a team, and before you know it, we know which team is the Capital Region's favorite.

There are a couple major takeaways that I had from seeing these rankings. First of all, the Capital Region has a diverse and passionate group of sports fans, who have long since established their team roots.

What I also took from this, however, is that there is a group of fans in the Albany area who are still looking for a long-term allegiance that will yield championships. Based on the team that came in No. 1 in the rankings, it appears as though some of the "free agent" football fans have found their new team.

So, here they are: the definitive rankings. These are Albany, New York's ten favorite sports teams in 2022.

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