Love & Hip Hop NY has drama this season.  Everything to female rapper hate to the creep squad's double standard & more babies for Peter Gunz! Recap this week's episode now!

This week it seemed to me Rah Ali was a bit jealous of Yandy's new found friendship with Remy Ma.  You're supposed to pop bottles Rah Ali, not throw them! As she did at DJ Self's Gwinnin Fest. This really upset Papoose who wants to protect Remy from parole violation.

Yandy's hard work grooming Bianca in the studio paifd off as she was the winner of DJ Self's Gwinnin Fest.  Cardi B was seriously pussed off at DJ Self because he didn't even invite her to perform at the event. He  probably was tryin to keep her far away just in case his ex Yorma decided to show up.



Mendeecees learns his fate of an 8 year prison sentence & tries to get the family together to come to an agreement for the kids to see him while locked up.


Tara finally comes clean to her BFF Yandy that she is pregnant by Peter ...AGAIN..8.5 months pregnant!! SMDH


Be sure to tune in next week for the wedding of Remy Ma & Papoose! I'm Linda Love & that's your Reality Check!