It's a sandwich made legendary buy tasting awesome and by being only sporadically available, and now is your chance to chow down on a McDonald's McRib.

It's kind of the closest thing McDonald's has to a seasonal offering: the periodic appearance of their legendary McRib sandwich. And for a limited time, it is back! Business Insider is reporting the fleeting sandwich is now available at 9,000 McDonald's locations nationwide, including one here in the Capital Region.

So, if you want to enjoy the splendor of a McRib and get that tasty BBQ sauce all over your face you need to check out the McDonald's McRib locator. Yes, it is a real thing and will get you to the closest Capital Region McDonald's serving the Unicorn of sandwiches. According to the locator, the McRib is currently available at the McDonald's on Route 146 on Clifton Park.

This is part of the fun with the McRib - you need to hunt it down like a wild animal! And you never know where it will pop up! So keep checking the locator, and Happy McRibbing!

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