If you're not a fan of cringeworthy banter, this one may have been worth watching with the TV on mute.

That said, despite the awkward chirps and thinly-veiled anger (I'm looking at you, Bryson), Capital One's The Match once again delivered a very strong performance. Set in the picturesque mountains of Big Sky territory in Montana, with bears literal yards away, Phil Mickelson teamed up with Tom Brady to battle Bryson DeChambeau and his teammate, Aaron Rodgers.

It was the fourth iteration of The Match, which originally featured Mickelson going one-on-one with Tiger Woods, before Brady and Peyton Manning entered into the fray. Brady and Woods were replaced by Charles Barkley and Steph Curry for the third edition, and believe it or not, the team with the PGA TOUR GOLFER won that one fairly easily.

This time around, Brady returned to team with Mickelson, and a popular-yet-controversial duo debuted opposite them.

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Bryson DeChambeau has been one of the most polarizing figures in all of golf over the last few seasons. He transformed his body, and his style of play, to reflect a more scientific approach to playing the game. He's constantly butting heads with rules officials, he recently split from his caddie in the middle of a tournament, and he's not exactly best friends with fellow Tour star, Brooks Koepka, either.

So, TNT decided to pair Bryson with Aaron Rodgers, who is currently in the middle of his own feud. Rodgers has yet to report to the Green Bay Packers camp, and is holding out in hopes of accomplishing...something.

The Match itself was carried by Phil Mickelson at the beginning, with Lefty driving most of the on-course conversation. He did a wonderful job of explaining his decisions while on the course, and did his best to help the other players open up, as well.

There were plenty of insults that didn't land, and attempts at phone conversations that led to awkward silences. There was also Gronk, attempting to call live from his nephew's baseball game...

Essentially, if you watched last night's broadcast, you've watched them all. And yet, I will continue to watch each version as TNT cranks them out. Watching the best athletes in the world struggle to hit a white ball in a straight line will always make me feel better about myself.

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