Do you want to get a special shoutout or dedication over the air to your loved one? Well, The Loveline is open weeknights with Linda Love!

Is it your boyfriend or girlfriend's birthday today? Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary? Or do you just want to tell that someone special you're thinkin bout them tonight?

Well, The Loveline is open for your shoutouts, dedicatins & song requests nights at 518 336 5991 with Linda Love on HOT After Dark!

Accompanied by some smooth R&B, make tonight a special night to say "I Love You" to the one who has your heart. Even if you're a secret admirer and want to ask someone out on a special date & let them know how you feel about them, I can relay the message for you! Don't worry Linda Love's got ya back & we are gonna make that Love Connection together right here on HOT 99.1! Call or text in & leave a message on the Loveline!