As the pandemic continues to disrupt supply chains, back-to-school items are the latest items that could be hard to find.

It started with toilet paper, continued with computer chips, ketchup, and so much more. Now many of the items on your back-to-school shopping list are in short supply during because of the pandemic.

According to KHOU, if you come across the items below, buy them as soon as you see 'em. Plastic and computer shortages will make these items hard to find in the weeks ahead. And with shortages, don't expect any back-to-school discounts either. Though if you end up not finding any of these items, maybe you will save a few bucks by making do with the supplies you already may have.

Back To School Items In Short Supply This Fall

As the pandemic rolls on and supply chains are interrupted, the following items could be hard to come by this fall as shortages continue.

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