In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their classic 1995 album 'The Infamous,' Mobb Deep is releasing a two-disc retrospective 'The Infamous Mobb Deep' on April 1. On Tuesday (March 25), the Queensbridge duo made it available for streaming on Pandora.

The collection boasts a digitally-remastered version of 'The Infamous' album including outtakes and lost verses from the 1994 recording session. But the real highlight on the project is the album’s worth of new material and unreleased tracks. It all sounds fantastic!

The album features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, the LOX, Mack Wilds, Bun B, Juicy J, Busta Rhymes, French Montana and Nas.

Mobb Deep are still in rare form on the 'Infamous Mobb Deep.' Some of the standout tracks on the collection include 'Murdera,' in which Havoc and Prodigy spit grimy bars over a concrete-breaking beat. On the anthemic 'Legendary,' the rap duo reflect on being survivors of the mean streets of Queensbridge as well as the rap game.

Prodigy raps: "It’s not an urban myth / No, we are the truth / If anybody gonna do it know we gonna' do / Whole life we grind so hard to stay official / And make them n----s hating back there, bring them some tissue."

In addition, the 1994 Infamous Sessions feature songs that didn’t make the final cut on 'The Infamous' album. The scapped verses from Raekwon and Ghostface are now featured on 'Eye for an Eye.' Songs like 'The Money' and 'Get It in Blood' that were not on the original album are now remastered for your listening pleasure.

In the end, if you are a true Mobb Deep fan this album is a must buy.

It’s amazing that 20 years later, Mobb Deep has released another classic album with their 'The Infamous Mobb Deep' retrospective.

Listen to the 'Infamous Mobb Deep' album stream below.

'The Infamous Mobb Deep' Tracklist:

1. 'Taking You Off Here' (Produced By Havoc)
2. 'Say Something' (Produced By Illmind)
3. 'Get Down' (feat. Snoop Dogg) [Produced By Havoc]
4. 'Dirt' (Produced By Illmind)
5. 'Timeless' (Produced By Beat Butcha)
6. 'All A Dream' (feat. The LOX) [Produced By Ommas Keith]
7. 'Low' (Feat. Mack Wilds) [Produced By Seven Thomas, Havoc & Boi-1da]
8. 'Murdera' (Produced By Illmind)
9. 'Check the Credits' (Produced By Illmind)
10. 'Gimme All That' (Produced By Havoc)
11. 'Legendary' (Feat. Bun B & Juicy J) [Produced By Havoc, Boi-1da & The Maven Boys]
12. 'Lifetime' (Produced By Alchemist)
13. 'My Block' (Produced By Kaytranada)
14. 'Henny' (feat. Mack Wilds, Busta Rhymes and French Montana) [Produced By Havoc]
15. 'Conquer' (Produced By Havoc)
16. 'Waterboarding' (Produced By Havoc)
17. 'Get It Forever' (Feat. Nas) [Produced By Alchemist]

The 1994 Infamous Sessions

1. 'Eye For An Eye' (feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Nas) [Produced By Mobb Deep]
2. 'Skit' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
3. 'Get It In Blood' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
4. 'Gimme The Goods' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
5. 'If It’s Alright' (feat. Big Noyd) (Produced By Mobb Deep)
6. 'Skit Mobb Deep 1995' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
7. 'Survival of the Fittest' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
8. 'Temperature’s Rising' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
9. 'The Bridge' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
10. Skit (Produced By Mobb Deep)
11. 'The Money' (Produced By Mobb Deep
12. 'The Money Version 2' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
13. 'We About to Get Hectic' (Produced By Mobb Deep)
14. 'The Infamous' (Produced By Mobb Deep)