The Game's manager, Wack 100, called out Meek Mill last night (Sept. 27) for allowing his crew to jump Beanie Sigel.

He said Meek needs to apologize to Beans because he's the one who put Philly on the map and the behavior was disrespectful.

“Just because 2 men have a conversation doesn’t mean a man violated a conversation,” Wack 100 wrote on Instagram, alluding to rumors that Beanie told Game's camp information about Meek's Dream Chasers crew. “N----s made a assumption based on what another clown chose to do. The guilt and the thought of not knowing made you n----s find a innocent man guilty THEREFORE making you n----s worst than the crooked District Attorney. Your man on the video interview is the real one that confirmed it and 2 days before I talked to @beanieSigelsp I already communicated and sent info to @shabazztheog on what was what and what I already knew."

He went on to explain the street code to Meek and the Dream Chasers, because apparently, they aren't aware. He said that the fact that Beanie got snuck from behind is lame, and therefore, isn't even recognized by Game's crew.

“The street code unless life has been taking you don’t violate a man and his family," Wack 100 wrote. "#Beans is one of the reasons Phili is even recognized when it comes to hip hop and 20 plus years later you n----s choose to stand with the n---- @meekmill the individual that’s representing Phili the total opposite. He’s the reason why the world is looking at rappers from Phili TODAY as not being “IT” so I guess a picture or two or a false promise from a nigga that has a social following outweighs the Politics of a man #Beans that made it possible for the lil n---- to even say a city and n----s recognize it !! Yo Beans on Piru all luv and respect from the #West and we don’t acknowledge a n----a 6’7 350lbs hitting a n--- from the blind. We do face to face in these streets n----s didn’t get no points for that!!! Far as we’re concerned it Neva happened."

Check out the entire post on Instagram below.




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