If you're a fan of The-Dream, the singer is giving you a free gift for summer with the release of 'Royalty: The Prequel.'

The eight-track EP's artwork has a 'Watch the Throne' feel, complete with gold lions, a fancy-looking emblem and a medieval knight. The project is part of The-Dream's new "Designer and Culture Label" called Contra-Paris.

"Welcome to the Designer and Culture Label," he wrote in an Instagram post. "Thank you to all who have made this possible. Before I have mentioned my adoration for Paris, and also how our culture has impacted everything from fashion to jazz and now modern music."

The R&B crooner also reveals the company won't be a traditional record label.

"I have no wishes to build a record label, or pursue the old idea of what a record label is. This venture is all about culture and everything that surrounds music. Me and my Partner Tricky Stewart will do our best at showing you the world through the eyes of the young black dreamers. Love and sophistication are two ideal parts of wanting to live fancy."

Listen to the crooner's new EP below.

The-Dream's 'Royalty: The Prequel' Tracklist
1. 'Duet'
2. 'Culture'
3. 'Pimp C Lives'
4. 'Outkast'
5. 'Wedding Bells'
6. 'Lake Michigan'
7. 'Cold'
8. 'Royalty'

Listen to The-Dream's 'Royalty: The Prequel'

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