It seems as though The-Dream is tapping the entire Carter family for his upcoming album 'IV Play,' set for release on May 28. Jay-Z was previously featured on the track 'High Art' and now Beyonce is providing vocals for the track 'Turnt,' also featuring 2 Chainz. When does Blue Ivy get a feature, man?

Queen Bey delivers sultry and sexy vocals on the track, singing, "Red light special, undress me under the candle light / Turnt up in this business / Watch me do all of them things you like." Oh girl! Why do we think Jay-Z would be a huge fan of this song? Just a hunch...

The song continues as a straight-forward, sexy-time anthem, with The-Dream echoing Beyonce's verse, crooning, "You're my black light special / She hotter than a famous night / Burn up in this... and watch you do all the things I like." Terius Nash even references the other Destiny's Child members, singing, "I told you I was gon' kill it / Got my chains on, I'ma kill it / Where Michelle at / Where Kelly?" The-Dream is obviously paying homage to Michelle Williams along with his rumored boo and future tourmate, Kelly Rowland.

We love Bey's independent and strong woman vibe, but there's something about her sultry songs that really do it for us. It's a side we rarely get to see!

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