It's on!

The CW brazenly took aim at ABC Family with a local commercial that encouraged viewers to switch channels!

It aired during 'Pretty Little Liars' and invited fans to leave the 'A' behind and head to The CW to watch the new vampire drama 'The Originals.'

The CW ad employs the red "A," a prominent symbol from 'Pretty Little Liars' that represents its villain. There are more questions than answers when it comes to "A," and The CW certainly played on the fan frustration by inviting them to the lair of 'The Originals.'

Networks airing ads on rival shows is common, but The CW ad is so unconventional in its open invite to change the channel. In fact, we're surprised that ABC Family ran it! Turns out that The CW purchased the time locally, avoiding Disney's ad department, which could have said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

'Pretty Little Liars' did retaliate with this tweet and enjoyed an afternoon as a trending topic with #LiarsUnite.