Every musical genre started in a town, city or region that rose to the surface thanks to the people supporting its sound. Building upon that music and the talent within a specific music scene is what dictates how far it goes. It all starts with some hometown pride, which is certainly reflected in the wave of music Newark, N.J. rapper Bandmanrill creates.

Out in New Jersey, the dance category known as Jersey Club has been growing bigger locally since the 2000s. The frenetic rhythms are a prevailing sound pushed forward by the state's youth. With its heavy bass and connections to an evolving set of kinetic styles, Jersey Club has remained relevant through different generations. Now, Garden State rep Bandmanrill's blend of skilled rapping over the high-energy production is catching on. He's one of the most relevant artists to rhyme over the club music beats and has his sights set on taking it all over the world.

First trying out rap in 2020, when schools were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bandmanrill was more interested in boxing and the streets than music. His at-home studio that was initially made for his friends' use eventually became his creative center. The people he surrounded himself with believed in his rap skills. Bandmanrill's style is sharp and aggressive, like gritty street rappers of the mid-2000s. The difference here is the rising newcomer serves up lyrics over club beats. Ever since he dropped his third song "Heartbroken," released in 2021, that's all he's been spitting on.

Tracks like "I Am Newark," which is his most popular song yet with over 7 million Spotify streams, "Bullet," "Close Friends" and "Lurkin" illustrate someone who is beginning to master their craft. His budding popularity culminated into a deal with Warner Records two months ago. Now, he's preparing to release his first project, Club Godfather, slated for arrival Oct 28. Detailing his fast rise and the future he sees for himself with XXL, Bandmanrill is this week's guest on The Break: Live! Check out the interview below.

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"I Am Newark"

"Real Hips"

"Jiggy In Jersey Pt2" with Sha EK


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