Happy Take it Back 2sday!! You all know how I love to take it back in time and rewind when it comes to music right?? Well, today's take back goes back to 1982 and it's dedicated to my boy Johnny V, becuz u see, if it weren't for Mr. V, I would not be typing this right now since he fixed my laptop...

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I know you are probably asking yourself, "how many dam things does Wonder need fixed in her life?" "Last week a flat tire, now what?? " Well, that's a whole other story more like novel if you will for another lifetime. I take it all in stride and laugh cuz it's all you can do right ???

ANYHOW! My laptop has been "dead" so I thought for like 2 years, thanks to all the cheap and free porn my ex liked to check out while I was sleeping or at work....again, another story!

"Who the hell is  Johnny V?"  you are probably asking yourself. Him and I go wayyyyyy back to the days of beepers/pagers, City Limits dance club, The Lost Boyz and Mad Izm, the late 1990's.

Fast forward to 2013....Thanks to good ol Facebook, we reconnected about 6 months ago after I had had a bizarre yet very surreal dream with him in it where we travelled over seas....you know me and my dreams, so now we chat here and there and laugh about this crazy little thing called life....

Welp, thanks to his techy skillz, my once "dead" thanks to too much porn laptop is like brand, spankin new!! ! So Johnny V this Tuesday's Take it Back is for you! and everyone's viewing & listening pleasure. Now it's sappy, and not a song I get down to on the regular but, it's the truth .....taking it back to 1982 with Ms Warwick and friends with "That's What Friends are For." Ok, ok, so every now and then you see my soft side kids. :)

Enjoy ! And thanx Mr. V for fixing my once "dead" laptop for free!! And remember to always be thankful for the friends that surround u , where would we be without them !