Texts From Last Night is one of the most simplistic, brilliant sites of all time.  The idea is basic - users share hilarious text messages from their friends.  Back stories are irrelevant, you get to vote on whether the person had a good or bad night based on the message.

With another weekend of drunken debauchery approaching, let's review some of our favorite "Texts From Last Night" from 518 area codes.


Sounds like someone hasn't browsed the "casual encounters" section on Craigslist.


Almost as good as "Call me Fred Flinstone, I'll make your bed rock."


The important question is, did you eat the pizza before or after sex?


Did he caption it with "you're welcome"? 


Best. Vacation. Ever. 

Must've been at Subway. 

Better questions.  Why wouldn't she wear a tiara?  And why haven't you shown her your penis yet? 

Is there a "how-to" book for said skill? 

Some people take vitamin c daily... some people yank their crank... whatever works, bro. 

This is why you should never have your bachelorette party the night before the wedding.  Haven't you seen Hangover?