As journalists and radio hosts, we tell the stories of what athletes do on the field, on a daily basis.

The home runs, the strike outs, the amazing plays: we talk about it all. What we don't talk about quite as much, are the stories that come from the lives of athletes away from the ballpark. Some of these stories can be eye-opening for fans of a certain team.

Some of the stories in question can be stories of legal issues, including these stories, involving players who, at one point or another, suited up for the New York Yankees.

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Being a professional athlete has its blessings, and also, its curses. You receive fame and notoriety for doing your job, and that's pretty cool. That being said, that fame and notoriety follows you everywhere, and when things happen away from the field in your personal life, they'll get more attention than if someone out of the limelight did the exact same thing.

These stories aren't meant to make light of serious situations, either. We're simply going through the history books, and the back-pages of news publications, and telling some of the stories of New York athletes who had human moments, just like us.

Earlier this year, I wrote about ten New York Yankees' players who were arrested, and the reasons behind their incarceration. There were a few names who were left off the list, and others who were mentioned by our listeners and readers after publication.

So, here are ten other New York Yankees' players who ran into trouble with the law at some point, and the reasons why it happened.

A thanks to's article on Yankees' players who had trouble with the law, as well as's article on Dave Winfield, for helping with this article.

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