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Red Bull Refunds
I have been a drinker of Red Bull since I can remember so it shocked me to find this out.
Schenectady Gets $3.1M
The city of Schenectady is getting $3.1 million for privately-owned homes through HUD's lead safe housing program.
"It's exciting.  We appreciate the help from US Housing and Urban Development because it's going to enable us to do approximately 225 houses that currently have an at-risk environme…
The 411 With ADRI V The Go Getta
So the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star rapper Mally Mall home was raided by the FBI. Word is that Mally Mall was running a escort service with suspicion of human trafficking.  Although he has not commented to the press just yet but he took to twitter saying
“Thank you all for your co…
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Gabrielle Union-Wade Shows Us Dress Number 2!
Get The tea on all your celebrities right here as I give you The 411!
So the all new Mrs Wade aka Gabrielle Union in light of her nude pictures getting leaked she decided to show us her #TBT picture of her second dress that she wore for her wedding...
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USA Basketball wins the gold and hits the Shmoney Dance
Congrats to Team USA who defeated Serbia in a 129-92 blowout to win the 2014 FIBA World Cup and took home the gold medal. While the tournament was a little dry, at least one group of people cared: Team USA, a group of young, fun, talented players who took pride in crushing every opponent who came th…
Stream Chris Brown’s “X” Album:NEW MUSIC
After much delay (largely due to ongoing legal situations) the day has come and Chris Brown’s 6th studio album is here! The album, titled “X,” features appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Brandy, and many more...
Go Getta Motivational Minute With ADRI V
Like Kelly Rowland Said "Let Me Be Your Motivation"
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Want more...
Chris Brown Opens Up
In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Chris Brown is finally breaking the silence on his time spent in prison, and the upward spiral he feels he’s on. CB has had quite the year, and peep below as he sheds insight on where he’s at now.
Nas Drops Trailer For "Time Is Illmatic" Documentary [VIDEO]
This year marks the 20-year anniversary of one of the best albums ever made in Hip Hop and it is  Nas’ debut Illmatic Album. With his tour on the way and celebrating 20 years of the album that put Nas out there as a great rapper the legend and Tribeca Film come togethe…
Congrats To Mr. & Mrs. Wade!
Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s became one today! The couple walked down the aisle at “Chateau Artisan” , a moated castle  hidden in Miami, Florida this afternoon.
It was made clear that Wade and Union wanted to keep their wedding day private as poss…
Elementary Student Badly Injured On School Playground! #WWYD?
Now Im sure by now you have seen this all around social media #JusticeForAvaLynn, and seeing the pictures really hurt my heart!  So this week, an Arlington Elementary student in Mississippi while on a play ground  was injured, Lacey Harris and from what was shared is that other childr…
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What Would You Do? #WWYD
So on this weeks episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust found out that her boyfriend and partner in her sex tape is officially married and never planned to tell her!
Check out this weeks episode and tell me  What Would You Do? #WW...
Welcome, Baby!
Have you been wondering what is going on with Omarion? Well he has been prepping for fatherhood.
Rihanna & Eminem On Tour
The other night, Rihanna, aka Robin, and Eminem took over the stage at the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA as they kicked off their "Monster Tour."
Remy Ma Drops New Music!
After getting out of jail she waisted no time to get fly and get into the studio. On the day of her release and all weekend Remy Ma went straight to work in the both and was laying down verse to everything DJ Khaled gave her.
Listen to her remix of "They Don't Love You No More"
Flawless Remix
So what do you get when the Queen of The Beys and Queen of The Barbz link up? You get a Beyonce and Nicki Collaboration!
Mrs. Carter decided to take a quick break from the  On The Run tour and got in the studio withNicki Minaj to create the remix to "Flawless"...
Adrienne Bailon Snaps Back
After Kim and Khloe came for Adrienne Bailon following her statement she made about Rob Kardashian cheating on her and how being with a Kardashian ruined her career, Adrienne decided to snap back.
Adrienne is standing by and defending her comments about Rob Kardashian and  via Instagram...
Kardashians Snap Back
So one thing for sure is that you do not talk about the Kardashian family or they will come for you. Maybe this is something that Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon did not know.
In a recent interview in a Latina Magazine Adrienne talked about her relationship with Rob Kardashian, how he…
Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Baby Number 2?
So we must say congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Beatz! Singer Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz are ready to welcome baby number two to their family. Alicia Keys  revealed her growing baby bump on Instagram with a message to her husband! Aww...

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