Burned By Ice
You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has as much pride in their birthplace as Ice Cube. The Los Angeles native took the stage in his hometown on Sunday night and took the opportunity to express his thoughts on basketball player, Dwight Howard’s decision to leave …
It’s always nice to see celebrities remembering where they came from. Glens Falls High School basketball star, and current member of the Sacramento Kings, is holding his Jimmer Jam Camp in Saratoga this week.
You can call it a comeback! A press release announced the MAAC NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament will return to the Times Union Center in downtown Albany 2015-2017.
NY Jet Geno Smith Signs With ROC NATION!
We told you earlier this week about the growth of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports management company. New York Yankee second baseman, Robinson Cano, was the first ball player to sign a deal with the Roc. A more recent addition was WNBA baller, Skylar Diggins. Jay showed his appreciation and support for Sk…
Sergio Garcia’s Tiger Woods Comment – Was It RACIST?? [POLL]
Pro golfer, Sergio Garcia, has been playing pretty solid lately. His game has been up and down over the years, but he was looking like an early favorite in The Players Championship a few weeks ago. On one of the days (golf tournaments are 4 days), he was paired up with his arch rival, Tiger Woods. T…
Rap Over College
Pennsylvania high school football player, Jay Harris, turned down a scholarship to Michigan State University to focus on becoming a rapper.
WTF??? Dwayne Wade In Capris Pants Suit – Fresh or Foul? [POLL]
As a lifelong Knicks fan, the Miami Heat have caused me a lot of pain over the years. I gotta give it up to my man, Dwayne Wade, though. Dude is a 2 time NBA Champion, a former NBA Finals MVP, Olympic gold medalist, league scoring champion and rookie of the year. Oh yeah, he has fine taste in women,…
Tanch's NCAA Bracket
I know a lot of UAlbany students are gonna throw shade at me, but let's be realistic here... Duke is gonna romp on the Great Danes and dance their way into the NCAA Championship game before getting squashed by Indiana in the finals.  Believe me, I saw it in my crystal ball.
Siena Fires Men’s Basketball Coach Mitch Buonaguro
Siena basketball fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The team’s coach, Mitch Buonaguro, was released from his contract a year early. Remember when Siena was competing with the most elite teams in the NCAA Tournament? Yeah… We miss you, Fran McCaffery.
Fan Ejected From Cubs Game For Sexual Gestures
I've been told Wrigley Field in Chicago is more of a bar than a sports venue.  The Cubs play there... would you expect anything less?  The only way to cope with your team affiliation is to drown your sorrows, or become a White Sox fan.  One fan (who we assume was drunk, given the…
The 10 Biggest No. 1 Busts in NBA History
All signs point to the New Orleans Hornets taking Kentucky standout Anthony Davis with the first pick of Thursday’s NBA Draft. Davis is widely considered to be the most NBA-ready player in the crop of players vying for the top spots. If the Hornets do select Davis, he’…
Best Fashion In Pro Golf
Golf is all about precision and patience. It takes years of practice and skill to be one of the best in the world. Hip hop and golf aren’t paired together often. Could you imagine Weezy swingin’ a sand wedge on the 9th hole rockin’ Truk Fit khakis and …
OKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook – Fashion Foul [POLL]
Along with Kevin Durant and James Harden, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has lead his team to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1996 when the franchise was known as the Seattle Supersonics. His play on the court is elite but his sense of fashion is debatable.
Jay-Z Talks Nets ‘Classic’ Logo
When the Brooklyn Nets unveiled in April their black-and-white logo, which was approved by part owner Jay-Z, it drew a wide range of reactions. Particularly, from New York Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick who felt Jay was “urbanizing” the basketball team.
10 Athletes Who Fell Victim to Crazy Practical Jokes
Receiver Mohamed Sanu was the victim of a practical joke on Thursday night when someone called him pretending to be from the Cincinnati Bengals intending to draft him with the 27th pick. The Bengals wound up taking the Rutgers product in the third round and there were no hard feelings towa…
New York State Looking To Legalize MMA
State legislatures looking to legalize MMA in New York State are hoping the bill will be passed by June. MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Some people refer to it as cage fighting or simply “UFC” because of the dominance of the “Ultimate Fighting Championship&Clo…

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