Breaking News
The world is in a state of shock as a number of coordinated terrorists attacks happened throughout Paris tonight (Nov. 13). According to ABC News, over 100 people are dead in a series of assaults that included explosions, shootings and a hostage situation.
Allen Toussaint, a versatile songwriter and producer, died after appearing in concert in Madrid on Monday night (Nov. 9). He was 77. Artists such as Questlove and Patti LaBelle remembered the New Orleans legend.
Can't Stop
If you think about taking that day off from the 9-to-5, these ladies and gents are sure to make you feel guilty with the work they put in. Check out 10 Singers & Rappers Who Never Stop Working.
Hip-Hop Reacts
Take a look at what Ciara, Missy Elliott, Bun B, SZA, Vic Mensa and more have to say about the Baltimore uprising following Freddie Gray's death.
No Love
Questlove doesn’t usually call out people on social media, but being the vocal entertainer that he is, the Roots drummer decided to vent his frustrations on Instagram regarding one hot television actress.
Sounding Off
The video of Walter Scott being gunned down by a South Carolina police officer has shocked the hip-hop and R&B community, with many sounding off on social media and reigniting the conversation of the ongoing problem of police using deadly force on black males -- both young and old.
Questlove Talks Beef
Believe it or not, the Notorious B.I.G. and The Roots had beef back in the days. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia group couldn't patch things up with the late rapper before his untimely death in March 1997. Drummer Questlove detailed his Biggie story during an episode of the Juan Epstein podcast…
Song of the Summer
Outside of being the drummer of the Roots, Questlove is an astute hip-hop historian. In an in-depth interview with Time magazine, the Philadelphia native weighs in on Iggy Azalea and the controversy surrounding her newfound success on the charts.