Biggest Step Show In The 518 Is Coming Soon
The annual Black History Month step show is right around the corner. Every year Price Chopper and the Palace Theater team up to put on an epic step show, showcasing dope steppers and dancers all over the Capital Region. Kids and young adults all battle it out head to head in a step/dance competition…
Keisha Renee Jobs
]"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"
So the Holidays are upon us which means jobs are hiring for seasonal work, which means I got a list of new jobs for you. Part-time , full-time and of course seasonal positions as well.
Apply today and start your new job...
KeishaRenee Jobs
"Stop making excuses and blaming everyone for your mistakes and flaws.Change starts within"
Here are 3 jobs that are hiring this week click on the links for more details and information on how to apply along with the job qualifications needed to land this job...