This week's Freestyle Friday #KILLABEE Challenge. This is only for the true spitters. It's back: Freestyle Friday. Your chance to spit that fire on the radio.
Did You Miss Lil Uzi Vert Last Night?
OK, if you missed Lil Uzi Vert last night then you missed out on a good show with nothing but good vibes. Lil Uzi Vert had the Upstate Concert Hall super lit last night and mind you the concert hall was jammed packed.
He performed all of his hits, from Money Longer to PS & QS to 7am to You Wa…
HOT Music Alert
What will this world be with out the vibrant sounds on music? Sad, lonely but most of all boring. Music makes the world go round believe it or not. There is music for every mood you are in. I love music, I go to bed and wake up to music everyday, its apart of me...