Boston Bombing Updates – Unclear if Suspect Arrested
UPDATE: 3:56:
This will be the last update of this article this afternoon. There is a press conference with the FBI at 5P, after which we'll publish a new article recapping the details. What we do know as fact is that the FBI and has made "significant progress" in this investigation.
The Craziest Laws In New York State
The Empire State has some ridiculous laws. Well, maybe not all of them are so bad – “Women may go topless in public, providing it is not being used as a business”. Why aren’t more women taking advantage of this??? I know… I’m a…
George Zimmerman Arrested
George Zimmerman, the man who killed Miami teenager Trayvon Martin is scheduled for a bond hearing after a special prosecutor charged him with second-degree murder The charges come after 45 days of media coverage and protests.
Zimmerman turned himself in to Jacksonville police; he is now an inmate at…
Major Drug Bust In Albany Area
Over 50 alleged gang members from upstate NY, and one from Vermont, were arrested in a bust executed by the state Attorney General’s office and the Albany Police Department.