50th Annual Fores List
This year's 50th annual Forbes list has been released and its one for the history books. Listing the most ranking successful women entrepreneurs in the county
HBO's "On The Run"
As Jay Z and Beyonce tour the world with the "On The Run" Tour, HBO gears up for the release of their concert footage, giving us a sneak peek of the official concert trailer that will appear on HBO!
Solange Sales Up
Solange's fiery temper & TMZ's leaked video footage of that now infamous elevator brawl involving her & her brother in law Jay Z may have saved Solange's music career!
Solange Writes Tell All
As if the elevator incident wasn't enough drama, now the rumor is that Solange may be writing a tell all book about JayZ & Beyonce with some pretty juicy gossip!
Hip Hop Liquor
The faces of celebs are branded to various liquors these days with the liquor market being so profitable.  Did you ever think if you had their dough what joint venture you could make to brand your liquor?