Jason Whitlock

Donkey Of The Day : Jason Whitlock
The host keeps on talking about Colin Kaepernick's protest last season and making the whole issue a joke. Jason Whitlock seems to make a mockery against anyone who is against police brutality.
Donkey Of The Day
Donkey Of The Day is Jason Whitlock, again. This is the second time this week Jason Whitlock, has been the Donkey Of The Day. Jason Whitlock is a sports journalist, who is very critical of race issues in America. Most of his views empathize with racist views towards athletes...
Charlamagne Roast Jason Whitlock
Charlamange The God just gave Jason Whitlock the verbal beating of a lifetime. Jason Whitlock is a sports journalist that works for Fox Sports 1. Fox Sports 1 has been in the news, recently because of an exchange between one of the host Kristine Leahy and Lavar Ball...