Her Temple Monologues

Her Temple Monologues : Tribute To The Greats
Her Temple Monologues is all about putting on quality fun events for the community. On this Saturday 7/15, Her Temple Monologues will be digging deep into the “way back” to celebrate and honor great music artists from the past.
Bring your energy and love for favorites like Michael Jackson, Whitney Ho…
Her Temple Monologues 5 Year Anniversary
Enjoy an evening of performances, food, and drink specials in honor of the 5 year anniversary of Her Temple Monologues
The woman-powered group has been teaching, inspiring, and entertaining throughout the Capital District and beyond through the art of spoken word and theatre performances...
Her Temple Monologues: Matters of the Heart
May 7th, Her Temple Monologues will be at the Arts Center of the Capital Region (265 River St. Troy) offering an empowering and soulful twist to 'The Wizard of OZ', called 'Matters of the Heart'.
Her Temple Monologues (HTM) is a performing arts group which supports commu…