Great Debaters

The Great Debaters Street Edition [VIDEO]
Dan America and DJ Supreme go out to meet the people of the Capital Region at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY to ask some important questions.
Whats On The Easter Menu ?
Would You Take A Pepsi From Kylie Jenner and other important questions...
Great Debaters: Election 2016
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a few more days left in their campaigns to gain votes in what will be a historical presidential election. All three debates have been more entertaining than previous years, and have garnered more attention that any other election I have ever witnessed...
The Great Debaters
The Great Debaters taking on the social aspects of our society that few media personalities will take on.
Today we had a special guest stop Jasmine Shea a local activist and she had a lot to say about the upcoming election and the black lives matter movement...
The Great Debaters
Pokemon' Go is the week's craze. People are running around the world trying to find their favorite Pokemon' and "win" in Pokemon' Go. What the actual prize is for winning this game is, we may never know. It seems like the Pokemon' Go craze has taken over...
The Great Debaters
Kim, Kanye and Taylor are back at it again. Apparently Kanye & Kim have released audio of Taylor Swift approving Kanye's "Famous" lyrics.
Dan America attacks Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift over their latest controversy, will DJ Supreme defend them or join i…
The Great Debaters
This has been a longstanding debate on whether women should have to enter the national draft for the military.
The current law dictates that all men aged 18 through 25 are required to register for the draft with the Selective Service System...
Is the NBA rigged ?
With the NBA Finals coming to an end and the Cleveland Cavaliers taking the title, Lebron haters have come up with a theory on how the NBA is fixed. Dan America and Dj Supreme have a great debate on the possibility of the NBA and professional sports being fixed...
Great Debaters !
The great debaters take on another controversial issue. Should young boys be allowed to dress up as Princess's for Halloween ? Watch the video and chime in on the great debate.
Is 'Star Wars' Racist?
Another Hot Topic with the release of the "Star Wars" movie trailer. The Great Debaters, debate on whether or not the new "Star Wars" movie is racist or not?