Relief Room Opens In Malta
Well what if I told you I came across a place that allows you to destroy, destruct and demolish to let out all that extra rage. It’s called the Relief Room in Malta.
Happy MLK Jr. Day, What Are You Doing To Celebrate?
"The time is always right to do the right thing." -- Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay
Earlier today I kicked off Martin Luther King Jr Day at the Memorial Observance at the Egg. A great day to remember someone who impacted society forever and what we can do today to impact the chang…
Bad Boys For Life Movie Review
Martin Lawrence and Will Smith return as Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery in the highly anticipated 3rd and final installment of this franchise where they are on assignment to take down a notorious Miami drug kingpin.
Town Of Colonie Computer Systems Hacked
I haven’t heard of a hacker asking for a ransom in a hot minute. 
The town of Colonie experienced a cyber-attack yesterday where a Hacker demanded a ransom to get their systems back up and running.  The attack was done Wednesday evening, but what’s even more …
Yung Joc Clowned For Ridesharing
A video is circulating on social media with Yung Joc driving for a ride share program to make extra cash.  But you got these uppity chicks who needed a ride telling Yung Joc – “oh you must’ve fell off.”  Dude sounded like he was already fee…
Tax Season is here
January 27th is the first day you can file your taxes. Now remember last year the government was playing around with dates, and didn’t know when they would start accepting them

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