Donald Trump

Donkey Of The Day : Ivanka Trump
Another day another donkey, and Donald Trump and his crew have dominated the Donkey Of The Day. Ever since swearing in as President, Donald Trump and his team have found their way into The Donkey Of The Day several times.
The Don and his posse, currently carry the world record for being Donkeys of t…
Donkey Of The Day
This must be a record for Donkey OF The Day, everyone who has ended up Donkey Of The Day has something to do with Donald Trump . Today's Donkey Of The Day is a Family of Syrians who were deported from Philadelphia voted for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump ran on the "complete shutdown of …
Angela Rye On The Breakfast Club
CNN's outspoke columnist Angela Rye talks Trump's Inauguration. There have been protest and marches about Donald Trump's inauguration. Angela Rye actually attended some of the protest. She discusses Donald Trump's first plan of action was to raise the price of getting a home f…

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