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ADRI.V x BET Hip Hop Awards
The BET Hip Hop Awards this year was one to remember, why because I was there!
I had the chance to cover the green carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards where I got to interview so many celebrities and get their opinion on who they are looking forward to seeing at the show, what they are working on and wh…
Best of 2016
From A Tribe Called Quest to A$AP Mob and more, this is your definitive list of 2016's best rap albums, mixtapes and EPs.
Album Review
Debut Album by Dave Ea$t-Kairi Chanel
Album Review:
Now this is that NY flavor his hunger to be the best is just infectious his flow is so NY. The scary part about him is that this is only his first album and he’s only going to get better and grittier...