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Donkey Of The Day
Bob Costas has been a sport announcer for over 20 years and has won several awards for his work and accomplishments. That still doesn't stop him from becoming the donkey of the day.
Bob Costas had the audacity to say Usian Bolt has surpassed Bob Marley as the most iconic person from the island…
Bob Marley Day Announced in Toronto by Mayor Rob Ford
As absurd as Rob Ford has been these past few months, he's still the mayor of Toronto by law. But it's questionable if it's within his power to decide to declare a holiday on the very same day. Ford decreed that today (Feb. 6) is Bob Marley Day in Toronto to commemorate the reggae leg…
Bob Marley Documentary To Premiere On Facebook
Six years and and three different directors later, "Marley," a documentary about reggae legend Bob Marley is finally going to be released on April 20th for the world to see via Facebook stream, $6.99 on Facebook for rent, and the video on demand release is the same day.