Angela Rye

Angela Rye Discusses The Omarosa Tape
The Official Breakfast Club political pundit Angela Rye returns to The Breakfast Club studio to weigh in on current events, the latest with the Trump administration and more.
- Security clearance in The White House
- The Omarosa tape
- "All your skin folk ain’t your kinfolk"
- Omarosa paid $18…
Angela Rye On The Breakfast Club
CNN's outspoke columnist Angela Rye talks Trump's Inauguration. There have been protest and marches about Donald Trump's inauguration. Angela Rye actually attended some of the protest. She discusses Donald Trump's first plan of action was to raise the price of getting a home f…
Angela Rye On The Breakfast Club
Angela Rye discusses her role as a political analyst on CNN, Donald Trump's Cabinet. You can catch CNN chiming in on various political issues. She is known for her criticism of Donald Trump over the past political campaign. She also broke the internet with her highly publicized encounter wit…