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20 Most Stylish Rappers of All Time
Just as important as charisma, rhymes and beats, personal style is one of the most important elements of a rapper's allure. An MC must also have impeccable taste to really flourish in the visual world of hip-hop. But following popular trends and bragging about brand names isn't enough…
Future Hangs With Andre 3000 in Studio
Could Future and Andre 3000 be collaborating on a song? It surely looks to be the case after seeing a photo of the two rappers. The two Atlanta-bred entertainers flicked it up in the studio in the early morning hours Wednesday (Dec. 11) and seem to be cooking something up.
OutKast Album Turns 10
On Sept., 23, 2003, OutKast released their classic hip-hop double album, 'Speakerboxx/The Love Below.' This effort was a landmark achievement for the Atlanta duo and cemented them as one of the best rap duos of all-time.
Top 10 Andre 3000 Guest Verses
Andre 3000 is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. As one-half of the legendary rap group OutKast, the Atlanta rhymer is considered one of the best emcees in hip-hop.
Outside of 'Kast, Three Stacks has made hundreds of guest appearances on other artists' songs...
Covering Winehouse
Beyonce and Andre 3000's cover of 'Back to Black' is probably the most hotly anticipated track off of the soundtrack to 'The Great Gatsby,' and now you can hear it in full.
Done With Outkast?
This is beginning to sound like a broken record. For the umpteenth time, Big Boi has denied that he has beef with Andre 3000 and doesn't know when an OutKast album will happen.