amanda bynes

Waka Flocka Bynes
It looks like Waka Flocka Flame is actually going to produce a single -- not an entire album -- for Twitter recluse Amanda Bynes. The Atlanta rapper is currently working on the 27-year-old star's debut single.
Waka Flocka WTF
It is now evident that Waka Flocka Flame wants to be Captain Save Amanda Bynes.
He's currently in negotiations to sign the former childhood actress to his record label, Brick Squad Monopoly. Bynes has been at the center of media attention lately for her bizarre behavior and lashing out at other …
Popping Off
In case you haven't been following the curious case of former Disney actress Amanda Bynes, she's out Lindsay Lohan'ing Lindsay Lohan. The troubled former actress took aim at Rihanna via Twitter, saying that Chris Brown beat her because she's not pretty enough.
Amanda Wants The D(rake)
Okay - we're done with the internet - it's ALL OVER after seeing this tweet from Amanda Bynes asking @drake to MURDER her VAGINA! Hasn't she heard that DRAKE  HAS A REPUTATION that isn't so great?!?????? We can only guess what she HAS IN MIND. Check out the TWEET AND AN…