Many of us are on the run every single morning off to work , school, etc. In the midst of the morning madness we are tired, half awake and sometimes starving!! Well, if you are sick of grabbing the same ol' bagel at Dunkin or Egg McMuffin at McD's, you will be happy to hear that Taco Bell will be serving breakfast!

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Taco Bell announced yesterday that they will have a breakfast menu blasting off on March 27th. I know, the thought of Taco Bell and breakfast at first seems, um, kinda gross? But the menu items sound like every kids dream and every hungover person's remedy.

One of the items on the menu is the "Waffle taco." Bacon, eggs and hash brown wrapped up into a waffle with a side of syrup. Hello yummy goodness and HELLO CALORIES!! I feel my clothes already getting tighter just writing about this. On a sidenote, the breakfast burritos look a lil bit healthier and delish, I aint gonna lie!!

So mark those calendars and be ready to RUN FOR THE BORDER FOR BREAKFAST and then RUN TO THE GYM to work of those waffle taco calories!!


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