Beyonce and T.I.get down and dirty on their 'Dance for You' remix.

Beyonce's track, an ode to stripteasing in private (she's classy!) for her one and only gets a more hip-hop flavor. The background gets "oh"s added to Bey's sultry vocals, while T.I. contributes an enthusiastic if understated verse. He gets a little dirty, but not as much as he could (think of the explicit version of 'Whatever You Like'). "I want you to know that when you undress, it's like I'm living my fantasy," the King of the South, before telling his lady, "Tonight I'm watching you like a movie on."

The original version of the sexually charged track, from the '4' Deluxe Edition, is about dancing that's a lot different from ballet, as Beyonce explicitly states, "This is the pregame show." You can imagine what the actual game is like.

We do know what the post-game is like, thanks to T.I.'s spoken freestyle interlude at the conclusion of the song. "I'll get up, scramble us some eggs, fry us some turkey bacon -- fresh squeezed orange juice, all that tight s---," he chuckles. The song is all about showing appreciation for the things one's lover does, so we're guessing T.I.'s breakfast game will earn him another round. Love is nothing if not reciprocal!

Listen to Beyonce Feat. T.I., 'Dance For You (Remix)'