Fans, they'll cheer and support you one minute and try to kiss your married face the next. A veteran of both the rap and marriage games, T.I. handles a potentially awkward encounter masterfully in the above clip, as he thwarts a fan's best efforts to land a kiss on his lips. The rapper, not one to seek out any marital grief, pulls back just as the fan places both hands on the side of his head/

"Maaaaan I don't know what da fuq made Shawty think she was just Gon get some Sugar!" he later wrote on Twitter. "Not MY lips ma'am. Shiiiii-iiiit!" On the remix to Future's "Magic," T.I. raps, "I pull up, hop out / Bad hoes just pop out" so it would seem that he is at least somewhat accustomed to the sudden and at times unwelcomed display of affection.

T.I. is a family man by name and trade though; his show on VH1 after all is titled T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. The rapper and his wife recently expanded their family unit as well, as Tiny gave birth to their third child together, Heiress Harris, born this past March. T.I. even told paparazzi that he helped the doctors deliver the newborn, saying, "I was on the other side with the doctor. I was doing the incision. I was handling the business."

The King of the South's loyalty to his family then can't ever be called into question and the above video is further proof that even in unexpected situations, he's thinking about him and his own first and foremost.

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