Happy Sunday Funday folks!! Love Sundays!A day to relax, a day to prepare, a day to do whatever the hell we want to do, even if it means not showering and staying in our jammies right??

Life is good on a Sunday

Some people prepare for the week on Sunday, grocery shop, laundry etc. Some people lay in bed all day dying of hangovers. Some peeps snuggle at home with their new born baby. (shouts to Dish and Jack of All Trades!!) Others count down the minutes in the fall until football hits the screen. While others may be working their J O B,  Sunday Funday not so much.

What do you enjoy doing on your Sunday Funday?? Do you have a ritual or does it change up every week?? I can tell you this much - mine switches up , except for my morning ice coffee run to Dunkin Donuts with my little hound. He looks forward to the car ride , I look forward to the pumpkin ice coffee yummm!

And now I am lounging in my breezeway bloggin to you ! Oh wait, I observed a ritual today as a matter of fact! I took the long way home so my boy Blu (the hound) could get some extra car time and got distracted by patches of green in the Fuller Roadhouse parking lot....looked over and saw a bunch of cheese heads - Green Bay Packer fans having a tailgating party in the lot! Grills were a going! Good stuff...looked like a Sunday Funday to me! Can I join? Oh wait , I gotta work later, dam!

Welp whether you lounge around and do absolutely nothing or be super productive and get your ish together, I wish you the very best and happiest Sunday Funday Capital Region!!!