Hell yes it’s FRIDAY!!! What you got planned for the weekend? Oh, you have nothing planned for Sunday and are looking for something to do?? Well, I have a lil secret I’ll let you in on ….

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 We have some pretty dope rappers, MCs, lyricists, musicians, poets, DJs, you catch my drift right….here in our backyards boys and girls, and a plethora of them will be gathering this Sunday night at Bogies for the Climate Control: Summer Edition Album Release Partay!!  Oh, and a little rap duo by the name of MOBB DEEP will also be in the house!

On a serious tip though, Shyste and DJ Tone will be celebrating the release of their Climate Control: Summer Edition album this Sunday at Bogies. Tickets are still available and you definitely will be missing out if you don’t check out this action packed show!

Shiggy SHYSTE! (you must yell Shyste when you say Shyste) and DJ Tone will be your humble hosts for the evening , be there at 8! Actually, I suggest getting their early , maybe get a ride, so you don’t have to worry about parking and then you can drink lots of adult bevvies, but it aint about the bevvies it’s about the boyz and their musical talent ….be ready to pick your jaws up off the floor folks!

PJ Katz and The Fat Buckle Band will be on the scene and if you have never heard of  PJ where the hell have you been, under a god dam rock?? All the 518 cats will be sharing the stage thorugh out this glorious night of goodness, taking on the mics, giving us their goods all night long!! So many to name, I’m scared to as I don’t want to leave none of them out! So shout out to all of you fresh ass fellas!!! You know who you are!

And how can I forget , Mobb Deep will be blessing the stage this fine evening also! What do you have to lose, why the heck wouldn’t you go??!

So where will you be this Sunday night?? The Climate Control Summer Edition album release party! Where is it going down?? Bogies!!! When should you get there?? 8pm! Where are more details??