Suge Knight is sure talking to the press a lot these days. Last week, he verbally attacked Diddy and claimed that Tupac is still alive. This time, he's taking jabs at Rick Ross, and is even looking to physically assault the rapper.

In Knight's latest rant, he accuses the Miami rap don of stealing the identity of former drug dealer Freeway Ricky Ross, failing to give him his due props or any money. Plus, the former CEO of Death Row Records said Ross stole his entire style with the whole thick beard and bald head thing.

"Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread, titty man," said the Compton native in an interview with Pop Candies TV.

"I'm gonna beat the dog s--- out of you. I swear to y'all it's like this, I'm the first n---- had the bald head and beard from Bompton. So you tell Rick Ross, who's using the next n----'s name, I try to give the n----s a fair shake, say, 'Look, you owe this bread, run this bread.' When they do stupid s--- and the police involved, I got a show. It ain't smart being stupid."

Additionally, Knight says if Ross beats him in a fight, he'll shave his beard and change his look entirely. "If he can get me, I'm going to shave my muthaf---in' beard," stated the former football player and bodyguard. "But when I beat his muthaf---in' ass, kick him in his muthaf---in' ass, and play with his titties, he need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is."

And if you think Knight was finished there, guess again. He then went at Ice Cube for his role in the upcoming N.W.A biopic. Since Knight owned the name, Cube should have had a talk with him first about the film.

"And Cube, don't be no buster," said the former record exec. "If y'all doing N.W.A. you know I was the n---- who owned the name N.W.A. You holler at me. I'm gonna holler at you."

It'll be interesting to see who Knight goes at next.