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'I Want My Name Back,' a new documentary available on DVD June 11, tells the rich and compelling story of the Sugarhill Gang members Wonder Mike and Master Gee, who are considered to be among the originators of hip-hop. In an exclusive clip from the DVD, the rap pioneers explain the trials and tribulations they faced during their rise to fame.

These artists were on the road to stardom when they were screwed over by a record company that jacked not only their earnings but also their name!

This clip, which is exclusive to TheDrop.fm, encapsulates the rebirth period in 2005, when Wonder Mike and Master Gee started doing new music together. The footage features a mix of interviews and studio sessions. We'll let them tell the story, since they lived it.

However, we'll offer up some history and context, too!

The threesome of Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Big Bank Hank introduced the world to the genre with their hit 'Rapper's Delight' back in 1979. The trio saw their career derailed, and they were left broke when they were robbed of the Sugarhill Gang name, adding insult to injury. Their fight to reclaim their name and their legacy is a story that hasn't always been told, but they reveal it in their own words in 'I Want My Name Back.'

So watch this clip from the film. It'll certainly leave you wanting to know more, as it documents an important time in rap music history.