The world of modern hip-hop moves quickly, and one rap crew that knows all about that is Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. Led by Charlotte, N.C. rapper DaBaby, the BDBE collective became a name rap fans were even more familiar with as the "Suge" rapper and his team grew more popular in 2018 and into his own breakout year in 2019. DaBaby, who's always about putting on his team, pushed another young N.C. rapper to the forefront of his crew: 24-year-old Stunna 4 Vegas.

In 2018, Stunna was signed to BDB Ent. after he reached out to DaBaby to do a feature on his song "Animal;" the song took off and Stunna had DaBaby's support. Since then, Stunna has dropped two albums (Big 4X in 2019, and his most recent, Rich Youngin, which dropped in January), found streaming success with his singles "Up the Smoke" featuring Offset and "Do Dat" with Lil Baby and DaBaby, plus he's an Interscope Records artist. To get some insight on his come up and career so far, Stunna 4 Vegas stopped by the XXL office (pre-pandemic) and told us more about his journey so far for the latest episode of Who Am I?.

Stunna has been rapping since 2014, but didn't really start to pick up momentum until 2018. That came with "Animal," his first collab with DaBaby. "The first song I ever dropped and it goes big, all over the world," Stunna says. He signed to BDBE, and it made a noticeable difference in his career. He shares his key to success as a Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment artist, which involves getting schooled in a way other than the music. "Just getting with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment made me wanna focus and lock in on what I didn't know," he explains. "I learned more about business instead of just recording and doing videos."

With that newfound fame, there have been some changes in Stunna's life, too. "Groupies that go off the wall for 4X," he shares, with a smile. But there's also some minor annoyances that come with everything. "I get hate from people that don't even know me, just jump under a post and say anything, probably be my biggest fan in person," he reveals. Even with how aggravating it can be to get bothered by randoms, Stunna isn't tripping about any of it.

The rapper has done plenty of shows in his career, especially over the last two years. As his name started to skyrocket alongside DaBaby, their experiences on stage only got crazier. "A lotta my female fans jump on stage in front of all those people that we got a sold-out show in front of and take they bra off," he says. Then he goes on to demonstrate how that looks. Being famous is crazy.

Check out the rest of Stunna's interview, in which he talks about the biggest misconceptions about himself, his favorite TV show and more.

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