Ever catch yourself driving around the Capital Region and you see  this incredible, multi-million dollar gated home with a perfectly manicured and landscaped front yard and think to yourself, "Who lives there, and what the heck do they do?"

Most times it's a doctor, an engineer, or something of the like.  But some places though, too out-of-this-world extravagant and expensive than anything you'll find here, are reserved for someone with a bit more wealth.  We're not talking millions here, we're talking billions and in order to afford a piece of real estate like the one featured here, you'll need multiple billions.

We've done real-estate posts on many occasions here at GNA, and some of the $6 million to $10 million dollar homes we feature or spotlight in Saratoga, on Lake George, or even Averill Park are insanely spectacular.

But what you're about to sneak inside, isn't $8 million, or even $20 million.  Heck, it's not even $100 million.  Listed at a whopping $169 million dollars, this ultra-luxurious Penthouse suite in the heart of NYC is currently the most expensive piece of real estate on the market not just in New York, but in the entire country.

See Inside the Most Expensive Home for Sale in All of New York State

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