Now that summer is nearly upon us, we all need some good music to enjoy for the warm weather ahead. Nah Right's own Stan Ipcus has got you covered with his new anthem 'Ride Out' featuring Max Bent. Stan kicks some fresh over a laid-back instrumental provided by Tymo Beats that's perfect for your next weekend ride with the top down.

Stan raps, "Stan Ipcus in the flesh / real fresh in the cut, stay where the butt rests / by my nuts, by the bottom of the vest, I'm the best / to you chumps at the bottom of the lists, heal your nuts / we don't wait on lines, we skate on lines / and pop bottles, Corona and lime, and wine from Verona / Williams-Sonoma, lotta guap we throw up / guacamole we roll up, freeze frame, we frozed up."

Listen to Stan Ipcus' 'Ride Out' featuring Max Bent