I am not an expert on the whole crazy series of New York seasons, but regardless of which stage we are in, some more snow is on the way.

You have most likely seen that popular meme all over your social media feeds on the almost dozen seasons that exist in Upstate New York: Winter, Fools Spring, Second Winter, Spring of Deception, and so on and so forth. I honestly do not know which exact stage we are in right now, but the flux of winter to spring and back to winter is certainly in full swing here in the Capital Region.

My guess is we are somewhere in the Spring of Deception: we had 65 degree temperatures on Sunday which definitely gave a false sense of "Spring has arrived in Albany!" Yeah, not so fast. Old Man Winter while growing weak, is still staying at our proverbial house for a spell.

Shoeprints in snow
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How Much Snow Can Albany Expect Wednesday?

Yes, snow is on the way, but winter is holding on for dear life. The Weather Channel says we can expect 1 to 3 inches in the greater Albany area Wednesday, with snow showers earlier in the day with steadier snow later on. Not really earth-shattering snow, but enough to still annoy the heck out of you. Right?

But have no fear: whether it is the Spring of Deception, Third Winter, or any of the 237 Upstate New York seasons that we go through - real Spring will be here before you know it!

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