The New York State Capitol Building isn't just a place where laws are made.  The beautiful old building which is known for its magnificent architecture, has a creepy past. 

Ghosts are known to roam the halls after hours, jiggling door handles, and manifesting as orbs and strange shadows. A couple of workers died in the Capitol building and their spirits have never left.  From the night watchman who died in the fire in the library, to the demon at the bottom of the Million Dollar Staircase, the spooky tales of the Capitol Building on the Capitol Hauntings Tour satisfies the seasonal Halloween ghost story thrill as well as the history buff's intellectual side.

I had never been inside The New York State Capitol Building prior to taking the haunted tour. I was blown away by the beauty of the architecture alone. Although the tour is not meant to be a haunted house, it gave enough of a background story to satisfy the curious if you're looking for a light ghost story just in time for Halloween!

Hurry and set up your reservation before they are all booked. Since the tour is free and space is limited, these tours fill up quickly!